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" Bring us One Problem, We'll Give you two Solutions "                                                                                                                                                                    " Bring us One Problem, We'll Give you two Solutions "        

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-          The DDMM24 Advantage

  • DDMM24 offers both maintenance and power washing services
    • DDMM24 is an all encompassing mobile maintenance service provider.  We provide all types of services ranging from tires and brakes to engine and transmission repairs.  In addition, our power washing division provides fleetwash, commercial, industrial, and residential power washing services. DDMM24 is one of the few industry multi-service providers.
  • Professional management and a reliable team
    • DDMM24 is lead by a management team whose primary focus is customer service and professionalizing the industry.  In our experience, many industry service providers fail to see the big picture and how their performance affects their customers.  They seem to be more focused on collecting a check than perfecting their work.  We on the other hand strive to become the best option in the industry by offering competitive pricing, reliable service, and unmatched customer service.  Every field technician is required to complete daily reports, documenting their arrival to our customer’s locations, summary of the work performed, any issues that arose during the week day, and recommendations as to how we can better our company.
  • Superior customer service
    • Superior customer service is the hallmark of a great company.  Each customer is assigned a dedicated service representative to ensure their inquiries or concerns our answered in a timely fashion.  Your assigned representative is typically available both day and night and they are empowered to implement necessary changes to modify or correct the services provided to better suit our customer’s needs. 
  • Personal attention from upper management
    • Unlike our competitors, our executive staff is required to work in the field.  Routine field inspections and performance evaluations are conducted on a monthly basis to ensure we are meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.


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